Introducing the ULTIMATE Wellness Professionals Success Bundle!

Discover how to:

​​​​​​​ *Pivot to offer new services

* Learn advanced hands on skills so you can attract and treat clients that need a new therapist

* Add income streams (virtual and hands on) 

* Strategize your comeback, and plan for your future

Not only do you get over $2,189 worth of courses, presentations, ebooks and bonuses... Tim Cooper and Gael Wood are hosting a four week coaching group to help you with implementation and expansion. You can ask them anything and receive personalized help with your business.


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Erik Dalton - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

The Erik Dalton Anthology (Value $39)

Over the years, Erik Dalton has been a regular contributor to the profession's largest publications, including Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Magazine, Massage Today and others.

The Erik Dalton Anthology is an extensive collection of his most popular published articles and features. This beautifully designed ebook with full color images covers a range of topics from thoracic outlet syndrome and stomach sleeper's headaches, to treating "text neck" and dowager's hump.

Erik Dalton - Wellness Professionals Success BundleErik Dalton - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

About Erik Dalton

Erik Dalton, Ph.D. founded the Freedom From Pain Institute and created Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. He is the author of three best-selling manual therapy textbooks and online home-study programs.

The institute currently offers “Certified Myoskeletal Therapist” credentials and a 210-hour Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) degree program.

Visit www.erikdalton.comfor additional information.

Eric Brown - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

Teach Massage Anytime Anywhere (Value $29)

Chair massage expert, Eric Brown, will lead you step-by-step through the process of conducting simple massage workshops. You’ll learn how to teach 42 powerful, but easy to master techniques. Unlike most introductory massage classes where participants need to undress or need to work on the floor, the Massage Anytime Anywhere workshop is super practical: All the techniques in this workshop are done over the clothing and are taught with the participants sitting in standard chairs. This makes it incredibly accessible to anyone.

  • There is no discomfort associated with disrobing –people remain clothed

  • You don’t need to supply tables or other special equipment – a standard chair is all that’s needed

  • No messy oils are used

  • You can do it practically anywhere – from your reception room or a client’s home to a church basement or a tradeshow floor

  • All techniques are easy to understand and teach

  • There is no discomfort associated with disrobing –people remain clothed

  • Almost anyone can do these techniques – they’ve been taught to kids, seniors and even the wheelchair-bound

  • It consists of 10 separate modules and can be taught in various formats from one-hour “lunch and learns” to weekend workshops

  • All techniques are done over the clothing in a standard chair. The only equipment you need is your hands.

  • The program comes with downloadable class handouts that you can customize with your contact information at the touch of a button. It's truly a unique product!

    Eric Brown - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Eric Brown

    Eric Brown has been a leader in the massage profession for over 30 years. He is the co-founder of World Massage Conference and the owner of BodyworkBiz, which has been providing marketing resources for massage therapists since 1999.

    He pioneered chair massage in Canada starting in the early 90's and opened the first massage school in North America dedicated specifically to chair massage training. Through his massage school, books, workshops and online courses, he has introduced therapists from around the world to the benefits of including chair massage in their practices.

    Invest in yourself and your business. Discover new skills... WOW your clients and have them rushing back for more.

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    Felica Brown - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    When, How and Who to Hire Guide and Hiring Checklist (Value $59)

    Thinking about adding people to your team? Or, maybe you’ve hired the wrong people in the past and you don’t want to make that mistake again! Talented dedicated therapists are out there, if you know how and where to find them. 

    Don’t hire anyone until you’ve watched this interview, and you’ll have the worksheet to help you define who your ideal employees are so you’ll know them when you find them.

    Every business is unique and you need team members with the right attitude, attributes and abilities. Hiring the right people will save you money, headaches, and heartaches.This training is a must watch before you look for your next employee.

    Felicia Brown - Wellness Professionals Success BundleErik Dalton - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Felicia Brown

    Felicia Brown, LMBT is the author of Creating Lifetime Clients: How to WOW Your Customers for Life; Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business and several other books.

    She has appeared at many state, national and international conferences and written numerous articles for MTJ, Massage Magazine, Massage & Bodywork, and Massage Message.

    Felicia provides business and marketing coaching and consulting for massage, spa and wellness professionals and is passionate about helping others become successful.

    Felicia also owns A to Zen Massage, an award-winning wellness spa in Greensboro, NC and still sees a regular massage clientele after more than 25 years as a massage therapist.

    Daphne Wells - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    Delightful Goals Masterclass ($33 Value)

    You'll learn:

  • how to make your deliciously delightsome daydreams real!

  • how to drop the shoulda, coulda, woulda's.

  • how to let go of overwhelm and confusion.

  • and how to stop procrastinating.

  • Delightful goals will inspire you to do what it takes to get what you want. It truly is goal setting that works.

    Bonus: when you send your completed workbook in to Daphne, you'll receive a link to a call with her.

    Daphne Wells - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Daphne Wells

    I'm Daphne, your Inspiritress of Can-do-it-ness, Professional Credentialed Coach, facilitator and author of "Decide: Choose your own path". I help ambitious women who are juggling too many balls, over-filling their days being everyone's something, feeling pressured to do things the 'right' way.

    They're making a ton of decisions that aren't serving them, they're procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed and confused. And they're tired of trying to do it all alone and of no longer feeling like themselves or maybe even knowing who they are anymore.

    They yearn to become independent, to take back their power, prove to themselves they can do anything they choose, and to feel delight in every area of their lives.


    It doesn't matter what type of wellness modality you practice or where you are in your business... there is always room to grow. If you're ready to take your business up a notch but you're not sure how... you're in the right place!

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    Steph Zito - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    Expand Your Business (Value $197)

    In this 3 part series with workbook we gain how to create -

    1. Clarity

    2. Cash Flow through residual income

    3. Creating High Ticket Offers

    Boost your business and move from trading dollars for hours to a higher level of service for your clients and a diverse income stream.

    Steph Zito - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Steph Zito

    Stephanie has worked in the personal development field for 20+ years.

    She is a seasoned life coach and speaker, helping 1000+ people gain clarity toward their life path, to breath through mindset blocks and fears, and to clear blocks so they can move clearly toward their vision and goals.

    Stephanie's mission is to help individuals get super aligned with who they are on the inside with how they are in the world.

    James & Elicia Crook - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    Fully Booked Without Burnout (Value $129)

    Get your copy of "Fully Booked Without Burnout", the #1 Business Book for Massage. You'll receive the full 257-page PDF plus access to a bonus video of a live training Elicia and James gave while on tour.

    In "Fully Booked Without Burnout" Elicia and James Crook unpack exactly how to fill your appointment book every week while keeping your energy and passion alive.

    They show you exactly what steps to take to create an outstanding business and help you build your tribe, attract your ideal clients, take care of yourself and create the income you need… so you can turn your passion for massage into a rocking business!

    James & Elicia Crook- Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Elicia and James Crook

    Elicia and James Crook are business coaches, trainers and mentors to hundreds of massage therapists.

    Elicia grew her massage business from where she started – working on family and friends in her lounge room – to at one point having nine staff and doing 100+ treatments per week across the team. James is a speaker, author and marketer who ran a boutique digital marketing agency since 2003, working with hundreds of small business clients each year.

    Together, Elicia and James created the Fully Booked Without Burnout™ blueprint so massage therapists can create more success, stability and passion in business and life.

    It's time to pivot and adapt. Get ready for the 'New Normal' and leave your competitors wondering...

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    Kevin Anson - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    Be Amazing on Camera | Guide + Checklist (Value $97)

    Putting yourself in front of the camera can be a nerve racking experience... especially if you've never done it before. With the quality of smartphone cameras, the ability to produce quality videos is within everyone grasp. So the next thing is knowing how to prepare, setup and present on camera.

    The "Be Amazing on Camera" PDF provides slides that outline 15 tips to becoming more comfortable on camera. As you implement these tips and follow the checklist, you will find the quality and professionalism of your videos improve.

    The vast majority of people prefer to consume information via video. So now is the time to put a little polish to your presentations and get yourself out there in front of your audience.

    Kevin Anson - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Kevin Anson

    Kevin Anson is an entrepreneur from San Diego, California. He was laid off from his corporate job at the age of 30 and started his own successful video marketing agency.

    Kevin is a video marketing expert who helps companies profit wildly though organic and paid videos. He has helped his clients generate tens of millions of dollars using his unique video formulas.

    He has personally worked with influencers like Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, Grant Cardone, Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, Dean Graziosi & large brands like Mercedes Benz, Costco, Inc. Magazine, Chase Bank, P.F. Chang's, Infusionsoft & tons more.

    Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Presentations (Total Value $294)

    From the Vault: 6 Most Popular Presentations

  • How to Create a Video Business Card - Kevin Anson

  • Selling Yourself with Confidence, Conviction & Certainty - Drew Elliott

  • The Power Pitch: How to Share Your Message in 12 Seconds or Less- Andy & Marcus

  • Marketing for Introverts - Michelle Grasek

  • How to Create Websites that Captivate, Engage and Convert - Tim Cooper

  • How to Raise Your Rates Without Losing Your Clients - Sharon Desjarlais

  • Gael Wood - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    1000 Ideas Journal: Become An Idea Machine and Overcome Any Obstacle!($19.95 Value)

    These prompts will guide you to generate 1,000 ideas for your business and life! Everything begins with an idea and a decision, use this ebook to create a new habit and become an idea generating, problem solving machine. This book will not only help you to come up with great ideas, it will change the way you think and face the challenges life gives you. Use one prompt per day to build your idea generation muscles, and create 1,000 ideas in just 20 weeks!

    New Massage & Spa Client Attraction Boot Camp ($197.00 Value)

    Take your marketing from 0 to 100!

    Are you just starting out in your business? Maybe some of your regulars have dropped off? It happens. Are you tired of working SO HARD, and just barely getting by? Building a clientele can be difficult, especially if you are on a budget. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do next… Let’s do this together! And get your clients on the table.

    Homestudy Course Includes: 

  • daily lessons with new affordable marketing ideas to try

  • practical tips and assignments Monday-Friday

  • inspiration and additional resources each weekend

  • worksheets and guides

  • video lessons

  • tracking sheets, so you can see your results and success!

  • 30 days of new ideas and action steps to get clients in the door. And keep them coming back!

  • Taking Your Business Online (Value $29.95)

    Are you thinking about taking your business online but confused about where to start? This introductory webinar will help you to understand the territory and make a plan.

    In this introductory webinar we will cover:

  • Brainstorming ideas for online services

  • Types of content to create

  • Getting paid online

  • Course delivery options

  • Pricing

  • Insider tips

  • Creating your plan

  • Starting Your Outcall Business (Value $29.95)

    Thinking about starting a massage outcall biz or adding housecalls to your practice? Then read on!

    I get asked about massage outcalls ALL the time! Personally I think it’s a great way to get a massage business going with low overhead and I have always enjoyed doing out calls. 

    We will get your Massage Outcall Business planned and launched. This 7-part class includes video and audio classes, and worksheets covering outcall business start-up, from supplies to prices, to safety and marketing. At the end, you will be ready to ROLL.

    This course is designed to be taken over a four week period, however you get everything all at once so that you can work at your own pace.

    Gael Wood - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Gael Wood

    Gael Wood has over 25 years of experience in the massage and spa industry. including day spas, resorts, and office settings, owning a therapeutic massage office, full day spa and currently an out call practice. She has amassed an immeasurable amount of knowledge and expertise in the art of growing and maintaining a thriving massage & spa business.

    She now concentrates on educating and training massage and spa therapists in the areas of marketing, business start up, customer service and spa services. Gael is a co-founder of the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit, a Massage Magazine All Star and a 2019 World Massage Hall of Fame Inductee.

    The 2020 Wellness Professionals Success Bundle isn’t just the most amazing value of the year, it’s the resources you need to empower you to plan your next steps with confidence!

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    Tim Cooper - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    BRB: Business Revival Blueprint Mini Course (Valued at $97)

    We live in uncertain times and no-one can say when things will return to normal (or what normal will look like in the future).

    Now is the time to pivot and adapt. To put things in place to keep your business ticking over now, and set up a variety of services to help your clients - in person and remotely - in the years to come.

    I've posted a lot of free content about ways you can bring some of your services online, but I soon realized that many of you may not be aware of the free and easy to use tools that are available.

    And while some people are suggesting you go all in and start creating online courses... my recommendations are far more conservative and realistic. We are after all entering into a resession. Let's find out what your clients need and help them with that first...

    Tim Cooper - Wellness Professionals Success BundleTim Cooper - Wellness Professionals Success Bundle

    About Tim Cooper

    Tim Cooper is a business and marketing strategist, and wellness industry specialist.

    Prior to commencing natural health studies in 1999, Tim worked as a software design engineer and business analyst for over 20 years.

    Tim completed his first marketing course in 2013 and fell in love with the science of marketing and social psychology.

    In 2018, Tim founded and co-hosted the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit. This highly successful online event brought together industry leaders from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience in building successful wellness-based businesses.

    Tim has held executive positions in natural health colleges along with teaching advanced business and marketing strategies in the classroom, face-to-face workshops and online.

    In addition to sharing a wealth of knowledge on his Facebook and YouTube channels, Tim has created a number of online courses including the Get Booked Stay Booked Method, Local Search Marketing Secrets and is a regular contributor to Massage Magazine.

    Tim brings a unique blend of industry, technical and business knowledge to his coaching clients and students around the world.


    4 LIVE Group Coaching/Ask Me Anything Sessions

    with Tim Cooper & Gail Wood Valued at $997

    We understand that you may have questions or need help implementing some of the great ideas shared by our contributors. We don't want to see you stuck.

    So, join us for our live coaching sessions and have your questions answered.


  • Eric Brown

    Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice. This is a must have resource as we find ourselves adapting to the 'new normal'

  • Daphne Wells

    Free Chapter ‘Must-dos: the secret to better bottom lines’ – 5 steps to scale your business, make more money and have more time.

  • Gael Wood

    7 Day Dream Life Design Program with Gael Wood ($97 Value)

    Creating your dream life doesn't happen by accident, and it doesn't happen by reacting to the world around you. It happens by design. Join me for this powerful seven day program and get clear on what your dream life looks like and the steps you can take to create it

  • Elicia Crook

    6 Steps to a Profitable Online Business Model ($19 Value)

    There seem to be so many options for getting online, and if you're normally a hands-on therapist they can all be unfamiliar and confusing. Which will suit you best?

    And how do you make the online options fit together with your OTHER services so that you can serve your clients better AND earn an income from this long-term?

  • Steph Zito

    Illuminate Coaching Session (Discounted to $97 - Save $153)

    Receive a 90 minute intuitive deep dive Coaching session to identify your blocks, what you are meant to do and an action plan to move forward.

    •  - Discover your true gifts and strengths
    •  - Understand your 7-Major Chakra Blocks stopping you from living the life you desire
    •  - Receive insight into how your blocks may be keeping you hidden in your work
    •  - Gain new clarity about what you are meant to be doing in your life now
    •  - Receive an action plan with steps to clear your blocks and move toward your highest purpose

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